Tuesday, July 16, 2013

taking Ruby out

The joys of having a tiny little trailer is~ you get to use it.
I love throwing in some things,
loading the kids up...
and setting out on an adventure for the night (or two).

Ruby doesn't care where we go~ just as long as we take her along.

This past Friday we did just that...
threw some things in,
and drove west.
on a walk together
Just 30 miles west of Portland, about a 40 minute drive... near a little town called Vernonia, is a brand new campground called LL Stub Stewart State Park.
This place was fabulous.
The views were remarkable.
Hiking/biking/horse trails everywhere.
O holding up the mountain ranges
it was a perfect place, nearby, for us to spend the night.
The boys loved riding their bikes all around, and there were kids playing til the sun went down.

a spontaneous, successfully short stay~cation.

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