Tuesday, October 29, 2013

as the buzzer sounds

it was bound to happen.

B has been doing amazingly well during his Hockey weekends.
the key word is during.
before hockey we get tears and hesitations.
after hockey we get exhaustion and large motor tics.
the weekend comes, he is excited....
he loves it.
but he twists his hair so much that he has a bald spot on the side of his head.
but we encourage and persevere him forward....
because, he really does love it!
and that love for the sport and game is worth the tears, meltdowns, tics and exhaustion.

but then the buzzer sounded.
no, really, the REAL buzzer.
you know those loud timer ones they use in real games.

in the past there had been whistles.
today.... the buzzer.

and my little guy lost it.
lost it.... collapsed on the side of the ice rink, grabbed onto the side of the walls, and curled himself into a ball with tears and screams.  He shut down.  He didn't talk to anyone. didn't look at anyone. and would not move.
(of course, I wasn't there.... typical! and his dad was talking to other dads inside)  So these poor coaches, about 5 of them, had to struggle to get this little boy off the ice.... not understanding what was going on... and I am sure, freaking out themselves, a little.

let me back track.
We had been informing the staff about his Autism since the application process... and we had always gotten "its all good~ its ok, It's no problem"... and we were waiting for him to get an "official " coach to inform the coach of his personal struggles.  Unfortunately, all the coaches teach all the kids.... there is not one particular coach to one specific team....
B had been doing amazing for the past month.... that we assumed that everything was going to be fine.  And I think we got a little comfortable in how well things were going.
that is until...

to make a crazy long story.... end....
lets just say, the coaches now know that B has autism (which they said "explains a lot!"... I wont read into that comment.... especially after they dragged the poor guy off the ice....) and we offered to put some sort of sticker on his helmet so that each coach knows and is reminded when they see it.

We decided to make a little 1 inch blue puzzle piece out of vinyl sticker.  I just traced a puzzle piece from our puzzle collections, cut it out with scissors, and outlined it with a black sharpie (to make it "pop"!). Its hand done, simple.... and does the job.  Its a little wonky.... but, truth be told.... I don't care.  It's done, and it works.
this says "Please don't use the buzzer again... EVER!"

now lets all look at cute pictures of B on the ice.....
because, well..... he is having fun!
here he is.... #2
Photo: Sidelines
on the sidelines.... front of the line.  I love how he sits, with his skates out.


  1. I am so glad he has found something he enjoys! Looking forward to more success stories as he explores the sport and the coaches and officials find ways of making this extra curricular more friendly for all children! Bjorn is a rockstar! So cute :)