Monday, November 4, 2013

canning it all

I did some massive canning this year.
you name it.... if it grew in our yard, it was made into some sort of JAM, BUTTER, PICKLE, RELISH, or SAUCE.

Some of the new canning recipes that I tackled were definitely ones that I want to use again....
I am sharing them here with you...
1. so you can try them.
2. so I don't forget them next year.
(Gosh, I love blogging!)
this was the summer of plums
most of our plums were made into jam and syrup.  Our tree does not normally bear fruit... but this year was the mother load.
The syrup is perfect on pancakes, or add onions and chili pepper flakes for a great glaze on chicken or pork.
The Canning Granny has all sorts of great canning ideas and recipes.  Her Plum Sauce is simple, sweet and just "plum" perfect!

For my Peach Salsa I used I usually use a minimal amount of jalapeno pepper... but this year, we had peppers growing out of our ears.... so we used them all (and boy, is this salsa a kick!)

How about some sweet cherry vanilla jam ~ which is amazing! Try this on some white chocolate scones... and you may just think you are having tea with the queen.

For the best applesauce... I used Pioneer Woman's simple recipe and ladled it in jars and froze it (leaving a head space!)  but to be honest, this gets eaten fast around here- so really, I didn't need to freeze it.  

For a simple canning tomatoes I went to the good ol' Martha Stewart . Even for Martha, this was so easy!  The hardest part was peeling and seeding those darn tomatoes.... but just crank up the Vampire Weekend Station on Pandora and you are set for an "a peeling" afternoon.

My Peach Butter recipe was light, and springy... the lemon just takes the peach and brightens it up.  Where as my Apple Pear Butter was much more "spice" than I would have liked.... but this jar gets opened and you feel like you are enjoying Christmas.  note to self- use less nutmeg and clove.  Unfortunately these recipes are out of one of my favorite canning books the  HOMEMADE LIVING: Canning and Preserving with Ashley English  which you can find online or in your local library.
We use her garlic dill pickle, canned peaches and pickle relish recipe from this book as well.  Her book is really simple to follow and I love the variety of recipes.  Check it out... when you get the chance.  you wont be disappointed.

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  1. Holy Cow, you really went at it this summer! I canned ZERO this season, I don't know what happened. My garden didn't really produce this year, especially the tomatoes. Thanks for the recipes, I'll keep them in mind for next year!