Monday, January 12, 2015

what will I do that is new?

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now back to the regular program.

What will I do that is new?

I am not one who makes resolutions.
I just dont do that sort of thing because if I really want to change something... I do.  But, as always, the start of a new year brings the urge to purge, the longing for things to go back to simple, the idea of fresh and new.  One thing, lately, that has been new.... is exploring new recipes.  I think I would like to try and bring in new recipes with the wide variety of foods that we already use. The past few weeks, while the boys are off to school, I enjoy a cup of coffee and sit down to read cookbooks.  The key to reading a cookbook is to be sure you have eaten before cracking them open.  It is much like going to the grocery store hungry.... truly, it is.  My stomach starts to rumble and I begin to drool as a pages describe the details of making such wonderful dishes... so, always make sure you have a bagel with smear, or an egg with toast before starting.  trust me.... your tummy will thank you.

This is what a Monday looks like::
Grab a few cookbooks, the calendar, a blank piece of paper and pencil.
I also find it adventurous to have my laptop open to my PINTEREST page for some added ideas.

Some cookbooks I always "go to" are the Pioneer Women Cooks, the Love Soup, many of the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks and the Joy of Cooking.
I also like to try and plan one day for vegetarian, something with chicken, something with beef, at least one crock pot meal, one "typical go-to" meal and one "adventurous" meal.... with this much food I get at least two days for leftovers.

I crack open the books and start thinking....
" mmm... that looks good."
 "I would try that!"
"that sounds like it would be fun!"
Next, I think what day would be best to make it... consider the routine of the day, how much time I "really" have and the possible weather.
what?  did you say consider the weather?
I know, In Oregon, I wouldn't have to think that.  It's either rain, possible rain, or no rain.
but here in Southern California we can fluctuate from 60-90 from day to day (I know, CRAZY! right!)  I learned this mistake last week when I made chili and cornbread on a day when it was 82 degrees after having it in the 60's for two days.  (ugh!)

Once I have a few meals planned, book mark them with a tab or post it, and begin a grocery list.
It is at this time I refill the coffee cup, use the restroom, and move to the kitchen and start to check if I have the items from my recipes.... if I do~ great!  if I don't~ put it on the list!

let the monday meal planning begin
The past few weeks we have tried some new soups, a bunch of new main dishes, some great fun salads and even explored some new veggies.... 

Recipes and cooking at home is not new for me.... but, using more of a meal plan and being proactive in planning is new(ish).  So, if I did make resolutions... I guess I could say "I am gonna start making something new each week."  but.... I don't.... so..... this is just a little something new I will do.

What are some cookbooks you like to read?
What will you do that is "new"(ish)?
share in the comments below.  I'm curious!

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