Tuesday, December 30, 2008

in a state of pure bliss

okay, so I am not a typical Starbucks goer.... havent been for many years.... reasons that started over their unfair trading yet since they have "fixed" that, I still love the idea of a more local purchase ( the place I go to uses compostable corn cups and is 30 cent cheaper). Havin a HAVA shout out!
but, there is one thing that Starbucks has that I cant miss this time of year.... their cranberry bliss bars. if you have had one- you know what I mean, and if you have not had one- you must go try one. They are heaven on earth in sweetness and tarty and definitely hell on the hips (not to mention the pocket book). so, I was talking with my mom on the phone a few weeks back and she shared that she had a recipe that was a replica of the famous cranberry bliss bars and I told her that it would be in her best interest to share that secret recipe.... of course, said in love!
So I got it, and made them...... and as I took this triangle tasty treat into my mouth- I knew that my love for these bars would no longer be missed, nor seasonal. I have found my heaven on earth recipe that is divine in every way possible.

mmmm! delish!

in fact, I am off to make my third batch for new years..... a secret must remain a secret, but if you wish- a secret can be shared in confidence. Leave a comment and I will email you the recipe.


  1. Please send me the recipe for heaven on earth... Vicki

  2. Ok I so need that recipe!!

  3. i would love to have that recipe please! those look perfect for such a perfect rainy day