Monday, December 22, 2008

When a dusting becomes a dumping!

okay, so now it is snowing like it has never snowed before- at least since the early 1950's ( so they say.... dont ask me who they are- because I don't know).... and it is supposed to be snowing for the rest of the week. Looks like a white christmas for us!
Over the weekend we had some fun moments even with all the snow.
Saturday, we hosted our popular third annual Parents Night Out, where Bryan and I babysit all of our friend's children so that the adults can spend some time catching up on holiday things or just a date night alone..... we do this as a gift to our friends, and the kids all love it. this year they made ornaments, gingerbread houses, played hide and seek and watched Polar Express. It reallywas great fun!

Sunday was spent baking and candy making. Bryan joked that I was in the kitchen all day.... which I guess I was but I really felt most accomplished ( not to mention my sweet tooth was overly satisfied). This year we boxed up english toffee, peppermint bark, smore fudge, dutch butter cookies, peanut brittle, chocolate whopper cookies, and dark chocolate fudge. These gifts are meant for neighbors and friends near by. The boys this year had fun helping me make them as well as eating the "remnants". It was nice to have help this year in the kitchen.

and of course, ending the weekend with a fire and a cup of hot chocolate. not to bad for a winter's night.

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  1. Parent's night out?!

    "Jason - pack up the house...We're moving to Oregon!" I wish...

    So glad you have a blog! Finally. Have a most wonderful Christmas!