Saturday, December 20, 2008


Merry Christmas to all our friends and family,
This has been quite a year for us, filled with wonderful memories, opportunity, and inspiration. Early in 2008 we spent a few days in Mammoth where Odin learned to ski. He was a quick learner and enjoyed ever minute of the mountain.
In March, the day before Easter, we took the boys into the city to see the WIGGLES. yes, I know.... the wiggles. Both Bryan and I were surprised at how entertaining it was. Bjorn sat there in awe as Odin jumped around.
April was Bjorn's 3rd birthday, with a celebration of Sesame Street. Even with all the people here, everyone had a fun time full of bright colors and music. Also in April we had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Hellum for a week. They got a good taste of the Hellum House daily madness, as two little boys run around at high energy.
In May, Odin turned 5. He decided to have a baseball party with plans of an outdoor scrimmage game between adults and kids, but the weather changed those plans as rain brought the party indoors. At the end of the month we went on a family camping trip to Silver Falls, Oregon. This trip was a beautiful experience of waterfall hikes and nature. The boys rode their bikes around the campsite from sun up til sun down.
In the month of July, the boys cousins, Nathan and Bailey, came for a two week visit. Their trip ended with a weekend in Seattle at our friend's house on Lake Washington. All the kids had a blast playing in or near the water. At the end of the month we had a second visit from grandma and grandpa Hellum and when they left, they took Nathan and Bailey home. Thus ending the summer visits to Oregon.
September began a whole new chapter in our house with a change in schedules as Odin started Kindergarten at Sexton Mountain School and Bjorn started speech and occupational therapy for sensory issues. Both boys love the new experiences that this Fall has brought them. Odin has taken on reading every sign or word and Bjorn has learned skills that have increased his language as well as his love for music. In September, I ( mom) was able to take a much needed trip ( or should I say CRUISE) with my sister, mother and aunt, from Seattle to Canada. It was 5 days of pure relaxation, calm and enjoyment of the women in my family.
In October Bryan was able to travel in Europe ( Germany) for 8 days. with work. He came home with great stories of beauty and food. I told him that I could get a job as his assistant and go with him next time.... I sure wish that idea would work!
In November I drove down to California with the kids, as Bryan joined us later for the holiday. We were able to visit with friends, family, and Odin's birth family. Not to mention the popular amusements that kids enjoy like Disneyland, Knotts, and Legoland. Both boys enjoyed this trip not just for the fun but for the time with the people that they love so dearly. Both of them still talk about all sorts if memories from that month....what an impact.
Now in the end of 2008, snow has filled our yard and the season is in full swing. Bryan and I have decided to really take things to a level of simplicity and focus on the giving of love. A gift of relation- one that is symbolic of the gift that our Lord gave us... a relationship with his Son. So as this season approaches- look at it as it was intended to be.... the gift of love.
So to all of you, we love you dearly and wish you a Merry Christmas and a memory filled 2009.

Love- Bryan, Tif, Odin and Bjorn.


  1. Hey Tif,

    Just got your card in the mail and just checked out your blog. I don't blog myself, but I have several blogs that I follow. So I'll be sure to add your's to the list! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas.

    Lori Kyle

  2. Hey Tiffany,

    Got your card and had to look at your blog. I have never done blog as I am just too busy to be on the computer for anything other than work, but I love so much to hear what's happening. Would love to talk about you guys. We are also doing OT and Speech and have made great improvements. Let's catch up.