Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a needle and thread

oh to take up a needle and stitch.....
this pattern was inspired by Amy Karol, a local crafter and author. I had not cross stitched in years, and my mother taught me at a young age.... in fact there were many years of my childhood where I don't recall my mother ever having any thing different in her hands. She had floss organized in many containers, books and ideas flowing out of the shelves, there was always a needle and thread nearby (not to mention the sparkling ginger scissors that tempted the multitudes to use ::: but there was a life sentence if they ever touched a piece of paper). With all that has happened over the weekend- this craft has given me a little something to look forward to as the kids hit the hay, and the peace of our home starts to settle in for the night. It reminds me of my mother, and has given me the understanding as to why she always had a project going.... her love of crafting was not just because it was a hobby, it gave he a sense of calm amidst her four children:::Thus the tradition continues.

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