Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the simple woman

I love this idea ( a simpson/ ham plan!) and originally from here .

FOR TODAY January 27th

Outside my window... the flurries of snow that started around 8am. kinda a surprise for the planned events of walking to the park and a trip to the library... but instead B and I will play sesame street domino's (train style) and bake some bread.

I am thinking... that tonight is a soup night (spicy sweet potato soup) with some of that bread I was talking about, and that I need to call Maria (I have not forgotten!)

I am thankful for... Odin's school not being cancelled, for the advocate help we are getting for Bjorn, that we are all healthy, and that Joel, Katie and Eliot will soon be here.

From the learning rooms...I don't know what learning rooms are- but I am guessing it is for the home schooled- but, aren't we all in some sort of in a learning room??? so we are going to be learning what additional fun we can have on a snow day, as well as maybe cut with scissors and paste with glue (making family valentines).

From the kitchen...homemade bread, soup, a fresh pot of coffee (yes, I will drink it all) and a bowl of cereal.

I am wearing... slippers, sweatshirt, t shirt, thermal, and pants (in this house it is all about layering)

I am creating... a shirt for my birthday (a future post will apply), a pair of gloves for someone special, and a simple home space ( this is goodwill week- where I go through each room of the house and goodwill a box or two of things/ yes, it is January and I know I have too much!)

I am going... no where quickly, unless it is 11:00 and then I am off running to pick Odin up from the bus stop.

I am reading... with O the Tale of Despereaux ( mommy book time with O at night, while dad give B a bath), for my personal growth- Healthy Children Healthy Planet, an amazing collection of articles and discussions from Northwest Earth Institute. and for entertainment Till We Have Faces by CS Lewis ( for the 5th time).

I am hoping... that Bryan comes home safely (it wasn't snowing when he left), that O has a green day today ( go green!) and that B's head continues to get better ...and to call Maria tonight (I still have not forgotten!)

I am hearing... the hum of my computer (the world of technology- that will be shut off after this blog), B jumping from the window sill (that boy has springs in his toes) and the quiet of my house ( just they way I like it).

Around the house... since it is goodwill week- there are piles of boxes or bags filled with all the stuff that we have not used, seen or touched in a year. They will all go off to goodwill or friends who I clothing/toy swap with.

(this is my swap stuff- from the boys old clothing)

One of my favorite things... is my new oven, a cup of coffee and my knitting needles I know, that is three- but give me a break- I AM a social butterfly!

A few plans for the rest of the week: go to library and drop off books and pick up more, teach piano lessons, celebrate my birthday and enjoy the play of my boys.

Here is picture thought I am sharing... (in my case multiple pictures) from this morning....


  1. what a great idea. the photos of the bird houses in the trees are lovely. we can't wait to get there either! I showed Eliot a picture of Odin and said, remember your friend? and he said, "that's my brother!". soo cute