Wednesday, January 28, 2009

oh what a chore.....

O and B both love to help around the house.... growing more and more responsible these days... so Bryan and I thought that they ( especially O) was ready for chores. As of December vacation- we eliminated TV during the week, and have computers on for a limited time. This has been no big deal for B, but O has missed his "shows". Yesterday O and I sat down and we talked about a plan that would work in our home with chores as well as "technology time". Technology time is defined by computers, TV/Movies or Wii. He is already getting green, yellow and red cards for behavior in school- so now a green= 30minutes, yellow= 20minutes and red=0 minutes of technology time, he will do 6 chores a day ( each chore earning 5 minutes of time for the next day's time tally). totalling 1 hour of technology time if he has a great day. He picked his 6 chores- he wants to make his bed, feed the dogs, get the mail, set the table, clean playroom, and help mom with one thing ( that was my idea!). To my surprise- he has really taken to the idea. He even helped in making 6 chore magnets for the fridge to keep track of what he does. Yesterday he did all 6 chores, and earned a yellow card- so he had 45 minutes for today ( he chose to have 20 minutes computer and 25 minutes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). He has already done 3 of his chores for tomorrow's tally and is planning to do the other 3 by the day's end. You know your child is growing up when you introduce chores- and they like it. of course, I know it wont last long- but I will be consistent and encouraging- keeping it fun and helping him realize his need to help within the family structure.

trying hard to fill dad shoes!

Bjorn started playschool today ( a new school, two days a week) and he took it on with full force. as you can tell from the picture below- he felt that school was a chore in itself!

I don't know who won- the cart or him???


  1. hi Tif! its ashlee peters (andridge) from IHC. I cannot believe how big and adorable Oden is!!! Your sons are so adorable!