Thursday, January 29, 2009

sweet voices ringing

this morning was so lovely.
I say this because both Odin and Bjorn have been sweetly chatty
and excited to share conversation with us.
little B woke me with a tender whisper (which is very VERY unusual for him) and a sloppy kiss and a "akke up mummy, akke uppie!" ( I did mention in a whisper)
as I woke, and began my descend to the kitchen pot of coffee
I was embraced by hands at my waist and a kiss on my booty (sadly- where his lips rest at) from O saying "oh mom, I knew you'd wake up soon".
after a time of sipping my joe, and in a vegetative state on the couch, O came and wanted me to lay on him, like he was a talking pillow... yes, a talking pillow ( with a voice of a robot) I kid not!
He then wanted to read a book to me... which he did very well....
next was a time of getting ready for school, O has become quite modest these days... so he dressed in the bathroom (with the door locked).... and came out fully clothed and with socks on (socks are hard to keep on in the house). as we drove (yes, I drove today- the super chill is in the air and school is a mile away... I cant wait to walk again!) to school Odin talked to me about his responsibilities at home, how he is a big boy now, and what his plan is when we go to California again (which is NOT coming anytime soon).... but, it is a plan. But it was a car ride filled talking and imagining the future (we usually have grumpy silence- O is not a morning person).
my heart was very light.
arriving home, refilling my cup, I walk upstairs to a little B, he gives me his curly grin and he says "belcom hum, mummy. I uvv oo" (translate- welcome home mommy, I love you)

can I say that my life is complete, my life is full, and my life is overflowing with great blessing. Thank you God for sweet voices ringing.

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