Friday, January 30, 2009

37 Things

as I reflect on my 37 years


~that my family is pure of heart

~my Lord, that he seeks me daily

~Odin's questions

~Bjorn's music

~that we dance

~to laugh

~that I married a partner that stregnthens my weakness

~to watch life take place

~to find rest

~that creativity creates my calm

~having boys around me


~that everyone has a lesson to teach me

~that I am wrong often, and that is okay

~that my parents we right

~joy is not about doing, its about being

~that there is greatness in ALL things

~that there is TRULY a peace that passes all understanding

~to look! (and find)

~that a smile can change the world

~words are very powerful (maybe that is why I make some up)

~to be there for others

~to ask the hard questions

~that God is more than good "he's grreeaatt" (tony the tiger style)

~that through grief, I found my music

~that I need to learn more


~to make a difference each day

~to seek TRUTH

~to simply live

~to help others

~to share my life

~to be a true friend

~to be a woman that is healthy in relationship, in family, and in person.


~to make my dad alive in my home

~to be held accountable

~to love to the fullest measure

~to have God say "well done good and faithful daughter"


  1. I thought your birthday was in Feb.? No? Is it today?

    Either way, 37 looks great on you! Beautiful list.

  2. Hi Tif,
    I read your blog occasionally and I really loved this post, its very sweet. I hope all is well with you and your boys.
    Kara Murano (formerly Vizzini)