Saturday, January 31, 2009

to sleeve or not to sleeve.... that is the question

so that birthday shirt has not been finished- but it is almost done. I am stuck! stuck on trying to figure out if I want to sleeve it or not.
The shirt looks cute the way it is, especially with a long sleeve shirt under it, or in summer- as a tank style.
The sleeves would add a "doll like" look to it- and be a nice addition....
but, like I said- I cant decide....

what do you think?


  1. To Sleeve!!! But then again I'm partial to doll sleeves and such. I LOVE the fabric!

  2. I think it looks adorable just the way it would be perfect for those California visits!

  3. Hi Tif!
    I ran across your blog and am glad i've found it! It seems as though life for you is beautiful and sweet. Your boys are so big! I love reading blogs...and now i've got another one to follow :) Anyway...I think not to sleeve. I'm into the whole layering thing...I think a long sleeve shirt under would be adorable...then you could wear it in the summer too :)