Saturday, January 3, 2009

weekend of creating....

WOW! we have been really using our creative juices this weekend.... I just mentioned to Bryan about wanting to get a chalkboard made for the kitchen and next thing I know.... its there, and the walls are getting red paint! and this morning the glass on our oven shatterd, so a new oven will warm my breads and cook my meals by the end of this week.
I wanted to get some sewing done today- and I took the kids to the store to pick out some playpants fabric....

I plugged in my machine and whipped up some really sweet pants for the boys to wear. Bjorn's have guitars ( shocking!) and Odin's are a bright spaceship and martian theme. I got a "good job mom", and a "yippee- skippee", I am guessing they are happy.

I am now off for some mom time- maybe a little knitting and a glass of red to collect the night's quiet calm.


  1. Hey Tiff it's Mrs. Ham! I've been following up on your blog...and Thomas too. Love the fabric :)

  2. how cute- Mrs. Ham.... I like that! How are you two? I saw your blog earlier this month via lauren's blog... you are a girl that likes many of the same things I do! I knew Tommy pick a winner!