Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patricks Day!

ok, so maybe I am a silly little mom, but I love all the folk stories that have to do with holidays, and the green thing for today... totally love. the downfall- the pinching!
In keeping with my children's ages I made up a story about the little green men and their pot of gold. We all know about the rainbow, the pot of gold and the clovers.... but whatyou didn't know is that the Leprechauns come out the night before looking for the perfect spot to hide their pot of gold. Especially because this is the day that all humans go looking for them....
Now the leprechauns are really smart men, but they can also get a little greedy. They like things that are bigger and better, and yet, they are always fair.
We made sugar cookies, round and golden- like a piece of gold, and left them out on the back step.... in hopes that a leprechaun would come by and want our bigger and better gold cookies and trade it for a real gold piece.

and this morning the boys woke up- to find gold on the plate where the cookies were.

Happy St Patricks day- and please stay away from the pinches!

and the upside- with the rest of the sugarcookies- we coated them with a litte chocolate- and now, mom is loving the chocolate!
ps- happy birthday grandpa!

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