Monday, March 16, 2009

paper entertainment.

Who would have thought paper would be so entertaining.

Odin made about 3 paper airplanes

Bjorn decided to play the drums in a pile of paper ( found in the desk drawer:: reusing old paper planes) I never knew the sounds of crumple paper makes a pretty cool crunch.

My funny story for today.

I was telling the kids that I had a mountain of laundry to put away, so for them to not touch my pile.... so that I didn't have to fold it again. 15 minutes later I went to put the laundry away, and found this....
Bjorn then began to get upset as I put it away. I asked what was wrong. He said "I made a mess.... " I proceeded to find out what was the big deal. So, since I had the mountain, Bjorn put together a farm on the mountain, and they were living on the mountain of laundry. I was not to touch the farm, because they would all die... and we cant have dead animals.

:: needless to say, that mountain of laundry is still a mountain- but now has a few animal friends on it, I just wonder if it will ever get put away::

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