Tuesday, March 3, 2009

my creative input today

Last week Bjorn qualified for services with Early Childhood, and he started preschool today. He needed a backpack and I was not about to go out to buy one... so I found this old one from the Sierra Club, took off the logo's and patched on a B, H and a guitar. I made a stamped communication book for the teacher and clipped on a STITCH stuffy. VIOLA! a personalized, reused backpack. The best thing about it is that Bjorn loved it, and people commented on it at school. another mommy pat on the back!


  1. Tif - I love your creativity. How awesome that you could reuse a backpack. Spencer's back pack is already so tattered from the school year's wear. It will not live to see another year. I love the personalized communication book and LOVE the video clip on your post below!

  2. I love watching little kids walk with backpacks... They're way way way tooooo big. =D