Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break in the Northwest

The unpredictability of the Pacific Northwest spring is one of the spontaneous things I love about living here. It is what you do with the unpredictability that makes for a day of productivity or ease.... both of which are great ways to live....we had plans to go to the zoo, but the chill and wet in the air has changed that. instead we will....
have pancakes, live in PJ's, read stories, build a Tee pee, have a powwow over muffins and oranges.... talk for a while in the phone to a friend in Costa Rica (over tepid coffee).... break up a disagreement over who has more tinker toys (when in fact, they have the same amount)...
maybe take a shower,
draw a little,
play go fish,
have a dance contest,
bake a little treat,
knit a bit, read a book,
wait for a delivery from the postal service,
and definitely tickle a few toes, take in some neck kisses, and taco hugs.

today looks like a day of both productivity and ease.... the best kind of day.

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