Thursday, April 2, 2009

just a bit of time....

The weather is to be "unstable" today, but it seem to be better than usual when it was time to go to school. So, with a sigh from O, we took to walking to school. The trip is a mile long- and with O it takes about 20-25 minutes, complete with a stop at the natural pond where we search for toads, throw in a few rocks, pick up a stick or pine cone (many times both), and visit the geese and ducks. Odin's first thought is "why do we do this", but as we walk, he enjoys just the travel that it takes to get there. These times are my favorite. Why? because this is when we talk, we talk about nothing at all, but everything at the same time. He shares about things that he never tells us at the dinner table, or in our night together time. These moments, for me, are about the time spent to get there, not just getting there. I never rush him, we always stop, and we both seem to smile. It feels good to breathe- to breathe in togetherness, as well as the fresh air. It makes for the beginnings of a good day.

(sadly, my camera's battery decided to not work today- so the photos are not here- but I will get them soon.)

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  1. I know our friend O has the best mommy he could ever have asked for!