Friday, March 27, 2009


I know that I have not posted a recipe in a while. I actually have had a ton that I have wanted to share with you...
but, this one could not wait! There is a game night hosted at our house this evening and I have had this recipe bookmarked on my favorites for a while. I made it a while back- before I ever started blogging, but have not made it since. You forget how remarkable some great chocolate treats are..... although I dont know how that happends?

It's easy, quick, and flourless (for those with wheat allergies). It is a Martha recipe- so it must be amazing... and she is never wrong. So here is where you will find this Chocolate Flourless Cake.... make it, enjoy it with a fresh brewed cup of coffee... and be ready to enter the gates of heaven as you sink your teeth into this amazing cake.
Happy Friday.


  1. OK you still haven't sent the recipe for the cranberry bliss bar!

  2. I'll pass this onto mom. Her and her darn Celiac Disease.