Thursday, April 9, 2009

what a joy to be 4.

Bjorn, trying to show he's 4!

My lovebug- Bjorn turned 4 Monday.  This is the first year he really understood birthdays, and really marvelled that he was having one.  Each moment he took it all in, knowing that he is a special little guy- and that he is 4.We took this day- and made it all about him.  He had a birthday donut at his favorite shoppe, Sesame Donuts ("mini-me donuts"in Bjornish), where our favorite donut man, Sid, waited with a special donut just for Bjorn. 
 His buddy Megan and Odin were both there to celebrate.

afterwards, we went to a park- played, picked flowers (those beautiful dandelions), and ran around.
For dinner, Bjorn wanted to go to RedRobin, a place of bright colors, multiple balloons, and free
 ice cream sundaes for your birthday.  Trust me, my boys are easy as pie to please.  Our Buddy, Eliot, with his mommy and daddy, joined us for this fun event- making it extra special.  He opened his gifts- a puzzle firetruck, a hockey stick, an abacus, and duplos.... and then marveled at the people who sang to him happy birthday.
Next, he savored every bite of ice cream, with the birthday decor of balloon ears.  I would have to say, through his eyes, and those who shared this day with him... 

it looks pretty good to be four.  Happy Birthday Bjorn- you are always loved beyond measure.

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