Thursday, April 9, 2009

FOR TODAY-April 9th
Outside my window...spring chill, and overcast.
I am thinking...we should plant some snapdragons today.
From the learning rooms... we are learning kindness
From the kitchen... I have not figured that out yet... maybe some crackers, hot crossed buns for Easter, and potato soup.
I am wearing... tshirt, pants, vest and socks.
I am creating... my easter dress and easter napkins.
I am going... to clean a bathroom
I am reading... Plan B by A. Lamott (my second time)
I am have my dress finished tonight.
I am hearing... nothing but the sounds of the outdoors.
Around the house... are a few things to get put away.... but really not much.
One of my favorite
 things... hearing the voice of my kids singing.
A few plans for the rest of the week: 
a menu of meat and alcohol for Easter ( Lent is almost over!), decorating the house, a nothing short of good times with great friends.... and childrenlaughing.  
Here is a picture thought I 
am sharing:
Odin was the class star this week, and this morning he brought in a special talent- his magic trick, and a book to read SKIPPY JOHN JONES. Being there was worth seeing the joy on his face as he felt super special.  Well done son!

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