Monday, April 20, 2009

where have I been...

well, it has been a week, or so since my last post... 
and I have good reason as to why.
we got new wondows put into the house.

now you think, new windows- what does that have to do with not posting?  right!?!
well, have you not seen the mess that construction on a home can do to a place.
Holy Cow!  I have swept, vacuumed, dusted, swept, va
cuumed, and dusted more times in a day- than I have 
in my entire cotton picking life ( because, I have been a cotton picker for a while).

the final outcome is a major transformation to the whole house.  and just in time too....
the warmer weather is coming, and we are now more prepared


and the after:

the biggest transformation was the removal of the overly large bay window (that didnt open) and putting in three windows fluch with the house. We removed the large window (that didnt open) beside the door and put in the smaller window (that opens).  The back of the house had one of the two sliders removed, and a window took its place.  We still need some paint and window coverings, but all in all- I AM VERY HAPPY!

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