Saturday, May 16, 2009

cupcakes by mail

There are a few things lacking in the newer world of technology.... one is getting a gift in the mail.  Much of our family is out of state, and with two small boys, family send gifts often.  As the boxes arrive there is a giddiness that fills the house.... what is it, who is it for, how quickly can we open it?  It is the same when a letter arrives- but the joy is wonderfully shared by everyone.

In preparation for the boys birthday party...  a simple cupcake theme, 
two boxes arrived.... and they were for me.  Of course, I ordered one, and the other was from my newer "sister" Skye- but both were made creatively for this party.

I love these signs.... by Jenny's Bake Shop (etsy).  
I found them accidentally- but, there are such things as wonderful accidents.  Her blog is one of my favorites... and the signs made it just in time....  The best part of opening the box, is that they were so  sweetly wrapped, I didnt want to open them... it felt like it was my birthday and not the boys.

Skye's box was filled to the rim with the party favors for the kids coming.  tiny smiling crochet cupcakes.  All colors, but each one just as sweet.  I loved each one, I am having a hard time giving them away to the kids.

so yesterday had me loving the old ways of mail- and the giddiness of getting a box on your front door.  oh the days of old ( like 1999- how sad is it, that the 90's  is considered old).

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  1. Well prepare yourself 'cause there is a box of Birthday treats on the way for the boys this week