Thursday, May 7, 2009

Outside my window...a sudden drop or massive rain
I am thinking...I love days that I have nothing planned but to sit and watch the outdoors move.
From the learning rooms... we are learning to keep our cool
From the kitchen... I have plans to try a cupcake recipe for next weeks birthday party- the first batch didnt turn out so well.
I am wearing... blue shirt and jeans with flip flops.
I am creating... a pair of fun pants for the boys
I am going... to pick up Odin soon.
I am reading... the Shack,  Super Natural Home, and my recipe box.
I am have a restful
I am hearing... the sweet sounds of rain on the rooftop.
Around the house...
 is basket of laundry to fold, and some piano papers to organize
One of my favorite things... is a phone call from a friend.
A few plans for the rest of the week: 
a trip to the farmers market that opens this week (YEAH!!!) to work in the garden, and a day in the city for Mother's day ( The Portland art museum) a cafe,' and a trip on the MAXX
Here is a picture thought I am sharing: I had made some pasta the other day- and just thought it looked so cool lying on the racks to dry! Oh to be a noodle!

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