Sunday, June 7, 2009

hole-y shirt, batman!

I wear many t-shirts, that are all black. if you are a mom, you know why I wear black.
black is the color that goes with anything, doesnt show stains of snotty noses, ketchup wipes, muddy face rubs etc. you get it.
but the one thing it doesnt hide is holes. I still carry my faster than fast, nicknamed by some "dash", child B around so that I can keep him more near than far. But from this holding him, my belts, and whatnot around my waist area always rips tiny holes on my t-shirts.

I came up with an idea, with the help of Martha.... of course, and decided to do applique animal shapes to my shirts- to cover the unsightly holes, and still wear my shirts.
genius idea.
now off to make a skirt out of the print cat, and maybe make a little mouse for the shoulder- just for fun!

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