Wednesday, July 8, 2009

what it means to be a hood berry

Being from Southern California, we have our share of strawberry fields. These are Strawberries that are big, plump, bright red, and sweet to the taste. Now that we are living on Portland, the berry that I was raised to call a strawberry- is now being given a whole new taste and definition... and I am really sorry to say that an Oregon Strawberry is a remarkable improvement to what was once my lowly thoughts to this berry.A hood berry is smaller, redder, riper, and much much much sweeter.
The color is so deep it is close to a simple shade of purple, and there is a tiny neck that stretches out from the leafy top to the actual berry- it is this characteristic that lets you know, you have a hood. The only down fall is the season of a hood is very similar to the life of a butterfly.... short, but well worth the beauty of its creation.

so what does one do in the presence of a berry of greatness-
we make jam!
and sneak a few to eat.... they didnt last long in this house.


  1. I love strawberry jam! Did you use a recipe?

  2. hmm, yummy. I like strawberry