Monday, July 13, 2009


With the weekend behind us, we spent much of the time together with friends and as a family. The Farmers Market waited with cucumber and zucchini for me (ours have not grown in yet) and a trip to the Lavender Farm for the Festival, with sweet Katie, was the girl time I needed.
Sunday we planted two column apples trees, with hopes of getting some apples next year. Column apple trees and very interesting trees. They grow straight up, and fruit near the trunk, so branching is minimal. These trees can grow between 8-10 feet tall and share a similar taste to a McIntosh apple. These trees are perfect for a suburb family, like us. with the damp weather we have been having, watering was not needed, but umbrellas were.
I think we are ready for the summer week ahead..... I did say, I think?!?


  1. Oh - I can smell the lavender! What a beautiful sight & smell that must be. I'm envious. I have yet to find a lavender field near me.

  2. thank you. such a good time. "i feel all warm inside. . ."

  3. i love this. Reminds me of France. xo