Thursday, July 16, 2009

What we call "big boy glasses"

Our little B has been in glasses since he was 12 months old... as you have, and have not seen, in the posts of the boys. B wears them often enough, but after the noon hour- he always finds a way to take them off. He has been in the same pair (differing lenses often) of frames for 3 years- and the lenses are not cheap to replace.... yet, the lenses get majorly scratched within a week of replacing them.This year he told me he wants "big boy glasses" and so, with his new prescription we went to the shop and tried a few pairs out. The great thing is the lenses are $25 to replace- and so we find that this may be our new stop for glasses.
This little guy- looks so freakin' cute with his glasses on- he will melt all the preschoolers hearts this coming year.
what do you think? cute, huh?