Monday, August 31, 2009

end of the summer tripping.

The boys start school late this year- and with all camps and classes coming to an end- the past two weeks have been leaving the boys itching to get out and go. So, we did just that. I loaded us up on the train, MAX, and we travelled to the other side of town to the airport.
We then camped out on the top of the airport parking structure, with snacks and water, to watch plans take off and land. This left the boys talking non stop and in awe as they watched the comings and goings of others. They were guessing where the planes were coming from, and where they were going.... oddly most of them were coming from California, and going planes were off to Africa.
Our next train stop, was to IKEA for lunch and some fun play in their Romper room.... and I got some shopping done ( I always have a need for their glass jars and fabrics). When we got home, 4 hours later, the boys were exhausted, happy, and still talking about all the things they got to see, do and experience.

You wanna know the best part of this adventure..... It cost me less than $10 for the whole day. ($8.00 to be exact.) Worth every penny!

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  1. Wow! You can't do anything like that here for $8 all day and be entertained. How fun!