Tuesday, September 1, 2009

what september brings.....

some call the the new year...
some say it is the bringing of holidays....
some would even say it is the return of scheduling....

I am not sure what I call it. But September around here is one of my favorite months. This September is bringing me a whole new adventure up ahead... with one boy now in school all day, and one half day- I have some uninterrupted time.... which personally, I don't even know what that means yet....

but most of all September means the
bringing of sunflowers,
crisp air,
a beginning layer of crunchy leaves,
the first cup of hot chocolate,
walks with Odin to school (including the visit to the toad filled pond)
seeds for next years gardens,
warm beaches,
wet grounds of morning dew,
colorful sunsets (much earlier for the kids to enjoy!)
early morning hustles
and late afternoon snuggles....
oh September is a great month.

What does September mean to you?

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