Thursday, August 20, 2009

kids and crafting

This idea actually came to me last year when an aunt called wondering what to get the boys for Christmas. We do things a bit different during that season, when it comes to gifting... other than just buying and giving/receiving. over the past 3 years we have really tried to focus more on not the actual gifts- but in the giving of ourselves.... the giving of relationship, the giving of something thoughtful and meaningful....
then in turn, the money that is/or would have been budgeted for the holiday, is given to a social injustice that our family feels is important. That past 3 years it has been to building water wells in Africa.... this new thinking was set aflame by the idea called, the Advent Conspiracy....
(oppsss, sorry, that is not what we are talking about... my bad.)

okay.... so in this request, I mentioned that a box filled with odds and ends craft stuff would be a perfect thing for the boys. Sticks, Buttons, fabric scraps, ribbons, scissors, glue, paints, glitter, pipe cleaners, stickers, papers, cupcake cups, googly eyes- etc. The list in endless when you think of just odd stuff....
Auntie Cheryl listened to my suggestion and put together this remarkable craft box- that is used all the time... when the boys get the box out, you can be sure that there will be many hours of creative juices flowing. The language in the house has changed.... from "mom, can you..." to "lets look in the craft box". They get the box out, and make what it is they need. When the craft box is low, a quick run to a thrift store, my closets, and a rare trip to a craft/hobby is all I need to get it filled.... I have filled it with cut up T-shirts, extra yarn, buttons from a recycled shirt, fabric scraps, rubber bands, even old socks and shoe laces....

this craft box idea has become so successful in our home, we have started to give them as gifts for birthday parties. I get a box, and the boys get $5 to spend at a dollar store- to fill it. A fun addition to the box is something that they have made from their craft box to encourage their friends creativity.
This gift has been a gift that not only creates relationship and creativity- but is continues to keep on giving, and giving and giving. A great gift idea for those who are looking for something a little different and not store bought.
(this may even be a helpful idea to those who are homeschooling their little ones)

Advent Conspiracy was our pastor's idea that has spread to churches across the nation and into the world....
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  1. That is a great idea for Christmas! We always try to do something locally for the people here who don't have enough, but this is awesome (and it's about saving lives instead of just having presents to open). It was shocking to see the numbers when it was compared to how much we spend every year to what it costs to build wells. We are so wasteful as a society, but it warms my heart to see that your family really has the right spirit and understanding of the season.

  2. Love your ideas and your blog!