Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Weekending

Our weekend actually started Friday- and ended late Sunday.... and we had the times filled with restful activity. Odin, although it is still summer, has "homework" to keep his mind going as well as sharpen the skills he is just acquiring.... like reading, writing and math. He learns with more hands on, active learning, so having this time together has been great fun for me- because I get to put my teacher skills and creativity to work.... and I get gratification as Odin does the work with excitement (which with homework, doesn't happen during the school year often).so, this past week we worked on planning, and what it means to plan ahead. Thursday's assignment was to make a list of things we would need for a family picnic. Then Friday, he was in charge of packing the lunch for our adventure out to Tillamook Cheese factory and the beach.
Friday activities were to the Cheese Factory- where Odin and Bjorn finally learned that brown cows are not for chocolate milk....I know, a cute idea that I nurtured, but needed to clarify... you could imagine the disappointment. With the pursuit of my making my own cheeses and spreads, it was great for the boys to really see what was going on in the process of cheese making.

We then took a trip to a lighthouse, and to the beach- where the boys ran around throwing rocks and seaweed into the ocean and I got some embroidery done on some new cloth napkins. We finished the day with some fish and chips and shrimp quesadillas at a coastal restaurant. Not a bad day for the fun meter.
Saturday while Odin and dad went to do community work at a local school little B and I went with some friends to Bob's Red Mill. This place is beautiful! I priced my coveted flour mill and got some tools to start my own sprouts and salad mix in mason jars. Of course little B got a cinnamon roll- mmmm pure goodness.
Sunday was a day in the kitchen, where I love to be.... I made a zucchini spice cake (sweetness of honey!) , whole wheat rolls, and tomato basil risotto. All of the ingredients out of our gardens and with satisfaction of bellies ( having friends and family together). A summer's weekend filled with fun, learning and togetherness. perfect.

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