Wednesday, September 9, 2009

where have I been?

the photo tells it all....
I am out of commission. I broke my lower leg/ankle while trying to avoid about 20 cups of coffee spilt from a percolator last Friday. We thought it was a sprain- but by Saturday my lower back leg had a off sightly bump that didnt look "sprainish". That, and the fact I couldn't put any weight on my foot to walk......
so with two Dr.'s appointments down, a purchase of cool wooden crutches, and now a visit to the orthopedic on early Friday. Being on pain meds have left me in a fog most of the time, so I try to stay off of them- but the hardest part is finding a "Driver" to take me to these appointments, as well as Bjorn's Doctors and Odin's school.....
I feel like "driving Miss Daisy"..... "driver, turn left a the light".... "driver, can we stop at the library." "driver, driver,driver".

the great news is my sister is coming to visit (to help, with driving....) and I am getting my readings read, and my knittings knit..... but blogs dont get blogged.... I have to think to much for that. but stay posted I may surprise you sometimes.


  1. As uncomfortable and inconvenient as this injury is, maybe it will be good to get you to slow down a little and catch up on all your fun stuff! (and maybe teach the boys to really spoil mommy)

  2. oh my goodness! you poor mama!

    lol on the "driving miss daisy" description.

    i'm sorta just waiting for something like that to happen to me. i slip and fall all the time. feel better!