Friday, November 13, 2009

playing Harvest Catch up!

last night our little B was talking about composting his pumpkin.... and it reminded me I still have to post about the boys and the pumpkin adventures from October. We met some friends down at Baggenstos Farm for some old town Pumpkin patching. The best thing about this is that it is about 3 miles from our home. Yes, we are in the suburbs- but the urban boundary is basically a few blocks down from our home. From that point it is a far as the eye can see of Farms, land, trees and wild. This is one of the many loves I have of Portland. We threw our boots on ( I without my cast- for the first time), jackets and went ready for some fun (pumpkin bowling, hay rides, hay maze, corn maze, kettle corn petting zoo and a play gym!)
the rule of thumb: if you can carry it, we will buy it!
there is an art to selecting the right pumpkin- it takes great skill and a lot of time.

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