Friday, December 18, 2009

A quilt story

This week, I made my first quilt. The story starts 6 1/2 years ago.... when the news of our son's arrival neared, my creatively crafty friend Ally, snuck into our home, took some fabric from our nursery, and made a quilt.... a sweet quilt that to this day O sleeps with and drags everywhere (in the house). This blanket is named "nigh'night" and has become the one thing he cant sleep without. Well, this past summer, Ally shared the news of pregnancy and we were overjoyed. O knows the story of "nigh'night" and said to me "mom, we need to sneak and get some of her fabric and make a quilt for her." I was so touched but the sweet suggestion that I asked Ally for some of her fabrics. She willingly parted with some..... and the story stood there, until this past week. now, I have made the patchwork for one other quilt in my life- and have never finished it- so making a quilt was quite intimidating..... shsshhhhh! don't tell O, he still thinks I can do all things.
So with the help of BEND THE RULES and my mother- the quilt was done. It looks amazing- and it was such a great experience that I cant wait to make another one......
anyone pregnant????

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  1. What a great idea! Your quilt looks great and is such a sweet idea. I remember that quilt; it has always been the kind I want to make for my own kids, so soft and cuddly.

    Has Ally had her baby yet?