Sunday, February 22, 2009

my ode to lovies

To all the lovies out there... this is for you.
no matter what your name...
a blanket, a chewie, a pacie,
Mickey and bunny... loved the same.
your comforts a needed
each day for a child
'specially when their fevers are heated.
You are the protector of boogie mans
big and small.
You are the strength in a new situations
little or tall.
mommy knows how important you are....
the lovie that fills their child's eye
they will search near and far.
not to mention the sewing, clipping,
replacing of noses-
the phone calls, the washings
the running to stores before it closes.
A child's lovie is around for a small time of life...
so to you, I give you a place of honor.
if you know my boys- you know they both have two lovies. Odin has nigh-night and Mickey, Bjorn has buddy and blankee... Long Live the Lovies!

1 comment:

  1. oh, i like your ode to the lovies. they are important indeed. :)