Thursday, February 19, 2009

entering the world of the sickies

yes, we all have been sick.... Odin has had a cold, the flu, then another croup-like cold- all withing the past two weeks. That child has missed more school- I wonder if they think we have moved. Bry was sick all last week, and now I have this awful head ache with a dry croup cough, with Bjorn just now beginning to sniffle. we are like pins in a game of bowling, everyone knocks each other out. STRIKE!

Odin's cough was so bad a few days ago, we set up a makeshift tent in the guest room, over the bed, and ran the humidifier to loosen it up.... I wish I had a picture of it, Odin thought it was the coolest. I think the hardest thing is that O regresses when he is sick. He cant do anything for himself. He has to have EVERYTHING done for him, and as he gets well, he stays in the frame of mind. So it gets a little pathetic after a while. I keep having to remind him that he is almost 6. I sure hope this is our last weekend of the sickies- and that they dont come back for a long time. Shoo Sickies, Shoo!

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