Tuesday, February 24, 2009

clean away some toys....

Yesterday, after explaining numerous times to Odin, we cleaned out his playroom. He had to find 8 stuffies to give to goodwill, and I went through puzzles, books, cars, dinosaurs, lincoln logs, and legos to get rid of the amount of stuff my boys have....
we put together three large bags of little people, puppets and all for Bjorn's school to have. One large box of board books and magnet boards for our church to have, and the rest is off to GoodWill.
We cleared out the dresser ( which is getting out of there this weekend) and opened up the room for even more floor space to play.
(so this white dresser will be gone!)

It really does feel refreshing to rid of excess. oh wow! what liberty.

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  1. hey I recognize that desk...looks good blue :)- Hil