Monday, January 18, 2010

3 weeks in, and reports are good:: not great (yet)

when the idea of nothing new was embraced in our home this month I thought- this wont be hard.... I dont buy much out of the ordinary in things, and so I am here to report:: this is harder than I thought::
  • the first things I found are markets are full of "crap" that is really not necessary.
  • birthdays need to be thought of differently (mine is at the end of the month... and there are some books that I really want on my bookshelf, that I dont really need, but want).
  • walking away is easier said than done
even within these struggles I have started to define a deeper meaning within me... and it has been three weeks. As a human raised in America the needs vs. wants is so twisted and tangled into advertising and what others perceive. Life begins to be formed around things than relationship and family and giving of your self. These things I have known, these things I have practiced.... but, my heart still wanders. This is "nothing new" to me- but still changing and challenging just the same.

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  1. Hang in can do it! It's amazing how much control things (cool stuff, food, other inanimate objects) can have over us.