Monday, January 4, 2010

I learned something today!

We are planning a trip to California when O gets out of school this year. Over the past two years we have had to save more and plan more for trips like this. Even though we stay with friends and family the cost of the trip still is pretty high....
in planning for this trip, this year, and trying hard to keep our "nothing new" going strong during this time..... we figured- one theme park, no souvenirs. (the usual is 3-4 theme parks and one souvenir).

One of the reasons we are wanting to do this Nothing New, is so that our money that we do acquire during this time- can be used to help others. Both Bryan and I are passionate about giving- giving of ourselves, our time, and our all.... and so we wanted to just keep that as one of our main reasons for doing the "nothing new" year. We want our children to learn that life is about relations, about sharing, about giving of ourselves- its not about acquiring, taking, or spending.... its not about things.

if you know my kids- you know they love Mickey Mouse. (and that should be LOVE, not love)!
so, as I was flipping through an article I read an ad.
An ad about service in the community.
An ad about Disneyland.

Basically if you give a day of community service- they will give you a free day at Disneyland.
I had to take a second look at the story.
what? I volunteer a day, and I can go to Disneyland for free!
oh my goodness- its true!
well..... this nothing new year has gotten off to quite the nice start.
Community Service is something we love to do- and Disneyland is something we love to do.
and we were thinking that Disney would have to be cut from the vacation plan....
on the contrary.
and it is free! Even better!

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  1. they will have a something new in that they will have a new little friend to meet when they get here!