Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner

now I personally LOVE, REALLY LOVE, breakfast food. I am a huge sucker for pancakes and waffles....
my husband is a tad bit more boring though... who feels that breakfast, lunch, and dinner all have their specific meals that are served at that specific time.... (yes, can you say "spoil sport"!)
well the Big Cat was away last night- so the little mice and I had the treat of our lives!
I was visiting Run,Lola,Run's Blog earlier yesterday and just knew I had to make these......
and so, without any hesitation, I did!
OH MY! I was the happiest camper in town last night.... not to mention I felt a little rebellious, teehee! The kids thought that it was awesome, but then this morning they asked for Dinner for Breakfast (now, what would be the point for that???).... and my reply- "ummm... no. Have some leftover waffles."


  1. Wow, you are quick! Those look wonderful!

  2. haha I have to say I agree with Brian! Breakfast belongs at breakfast time and dinner belongs at dinner time. :) If you email me your address I will mail the coloring books. karamurano@yahoo.com.