Thursday, February 4, 2010

Granola, behind the bars

I have mentioned in a past post about my granola... my loose mix that gets partnered with ice cream yogurt or milk. A while back NPR was featuring Nigella Lawson on their early show and Bry was listening.... he then called me on the phone saying "Nigella has a recipe I want you to try~ it sounds awesome". having Bry call me and ask me this brought great joy- I am not sure if it was that Nigella was on NPR, or that Bry wanted me to make something for him- but either way, I was happy. It turned out that I HAD the recipe book from which she shared the recipe from, and had all the ingredients on hand (we do like our dried fruits, oats and nuts here!).
now here is my childhood story.....
I was a bit of a "high school hippie punk" in the late 80's/early '90... I had a mix of friends that were spunky, fun, agro, as well as eco, barefooted and "grateful". I loved music. I loved travel. I loved meeting people.

so, I was at this local punk show, dont ask me what band.... I have no idea..... but I was at this show, and there were a bunch of people hanging out outside. My girlfriend and I were with them. One of the guys there was actually being very unkind and was making comments about "why I was there"...." that I was granola". I was thinking "granola, I like granola"- yes, this was a blond moment in my life... I had no idea that he was referring to me being "bland, blah, and natural" (I remember this time clear as glass).... my girlfriend then walked up to him, put her knee is a very "special spot" for this person and said " you may see her as granola- but I can tell you she is naturally sweet and even more welcome here than you are". and everyone there stood in awe, including me.... she was amazing!

Now my friends~ that is my granola moment. and yes, I am granola~ through and through!
oh yea....if you want the recipe ( you know you do!) here is where you will find it.


  1. Great story!!

    And Nigella's stuff is so good. Yum. I'll have to try it out.

  2. I think I am the only one in the world who has never tried a Nigella recipe.I love granola and these bars look great!