Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Granola Mama

I was going through an old box of memories... decluttering and filtering through, and I found a card from my old job that everyone had written in to send us off to Oregon.  A friend, Linda, wrote "dont get to lost in making your own bread and granola"... and reading that, got me to giggle.  I make bread weekly, but granola.... I havent made that in a while.  Then while watching a recorded Martha, I was really tempted to make some.  Not surprising- I had all the ingredients in my house already... so, why not!
I followed the recipe on the Martha site.  except I added a TBS. of powder vanilla during the mixing.  eliminated the pecans and added raw almonds. Then 20 minutes into the baking process- I sprinkled in a little bit of cinnamon and sugar mixture. Then after it was done cooking, I added in some raisins and dried blueberries.  What a treat on ice cream or in yogurt.... but now
 Bryan is asking me to make yogurt this week..... I have created a monster!  


  1. were those raw almonds REALLY raw almonds, or were they "raw" almonds? there's a whole fiasco going on about that. did you know?


    the granola looks good. i've never tried making it...but someone we both know (or used to know, anyway) called me granola once and i felt like smacking her pretty little face right there on the spot. now i wouldn't mind being called that so much. i plan to make my own saurkraut tomorrow with my homegrown cabbages. hee hee.

  2. Even as a child- I was labeled as "granola"- and you know, then I took it to mean "bland" or "blah"- but, you know.... granola is far from bland or blah- it remarkable, natural, and good for you. I take that compliment and run!

  3. tiff you are so inspiring. i think im totally going to try and make my own granola! this looks amazing!