Sunday, February 28, 2010

time has come.... updates

yes, I have been out.... out of computer world... and into the quilting.
my two project Linus Blankets are off to be donated today and I am so proud of all the work and love that went into making these~ it will be hard to part from them.
But they will go to a sweet little child who needs warmth, not just physical but the warmth of love that comes from a blanket like this....
they will go to a great child, a fighter, a survivor. It is the least I could do.
the pink one is "cupcakes" and the blue one is "baseball"
both are 42"x 60"
also it is the end of February. I have updates.
Nothing New~ it is amazing what I have learned with this life change two months in. Mail order books get instantly put into recycling, even coupon books and all that stuff you get sent to you. I have had the opportunity to really free up a great deal of time and stress~ not thinking about where to go, what to get, and how it will be paid for..... the freedom as well as the creativity that comes from thinking outside of the consumer box is quite fun! Another thing that we have seen happen is sort of a Murphy's Law type of scenario..... of course. Once you decide to not buy anything- everything begins to break, blow up, and disappear. Two of my stone dishes (my loaf pan for breads, and my daily use large measure cup) were both dropped and broken. A floor lamp, and only light in the living room literally blew up at the socket and melted the cord. And I have searched high and low for a bra of mine ( one of only two) that is what I wear with light colors~ and it is MIA. The greatest thing is that I have laughed it off, said "oh well" and moved forward.... knowing that one day the perfect lamp will visit Goodwill while I am there, stoneware is not the only options, and a bra is over rated. So, in the Nothing New Camp- we are still on board and moving forward.

One Small Step Challenge~ UnPlugging~
This February challenge has opened my eyes to how we communicate, or to how little we communicate.... with everyone.
I have done well unplugging lights from sockets... that was actually pretty easy.
Having the computer on once a day was interesting. I did it the first week, but then started getting into a bit of communication trouble with some parents at the Co-op preschool... all communication was done by email- and instant replies were desired... well for one who does not check email but once a day.... it wasn't quick enough for some. Tempers were flared and feathers were ruffled.... whatever happened to using the phone? I am just as guilty .... but it was eye opening.
So the computer was turned one once in the AM and once in the PM- a small adjustment to the original plan. As to a sabbatical for one day without technology- some days were on Sunday, and some were on Saturday... but a full day was achieved once a week. Which in turn felt good.
and Finally- the negative.
The TV. totally forgot about the Olympics..... and our family (especially me!) loves Winter Olympics. This was a horrible month to have the TV off.... really it was. I learned to record the shows, watch things in fast forward, and shrug off not knowing some events..... The TV was on. Not as much as it would have been..... but it WAS on. Next month- the TV has no idea how little it will be used. Tomorrow's post.... March Challenge.


  1. Love your quilts - I have just finished my second Linus quilt, using a pack they gave me - it was certainly made with love but the colours are interesting to say the least - maybe they can give it to someone colourblind! Well done with your small change - I am so impressed by how well you have done, can't wait to hear whats next! :D

  2. sorry, but had to chuckle at how good ole murph go you. love the updates. thanks for keepin' it real. :)