Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY- Feb. 23rd
Outside my window...we have had warmer (57-62 degrees) weather the past week... everything is blooming... but today we have sprinkles and chill. a typical winter Portland day is outside my window.
I am thinking... that waking up at 4am is not my cup of tea.... it is not my cup of anything really.
From the learning rooms...Bjorn is "regressing" right now, it seems that his brain input has had enough and is on "shut down" so we are back tracking and working on behavioral management (it is like having a 2 1/5 year old in an almost 5 year old body... poor little buddy!). Odin is loving math, and the number 100. Today is his 100th day of school!
From the kitchen... delish carrot muffins and a tall cup of coffee.... a stripped chicken waiting to be prepared for dinner and a cabbage head calling out to be eaten.
I am wearing... the typical pony tail, jeans, t-shirt and scarf.
I am going... to stay home, spread my compost tea, finish my second quilt and maybe rest (oooo... a nap!).
I am reading...Animal Vegetable Miracle ( LOVE IT!!!!)
I am hoping...that B has a low key, low emotional day.
I am hearing...the hum of the computer and the ticking of the keyboard.
Around the house... a small stack here, and small stack there.
One of my favorite things... a note from a friend.
A few plans for the rest of the week: IFSP tomorrow with Early Intervention, Observations and testing on Thursday and a weekend with a teenage girl living with us.... another girl in the house- I cant wait!
Here is a picture thought I am sharing: this was from last weekend, in Washington Park.... I love how much these two love each other. My little prides and joys!

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