Monday, February 22, 2010

River Cottage Family

The words "River Cottage Family" have crossed my path this weekend 3 times....
all 3 in very inconspicuous ways.
first- on Posie Gets Cozy- with her bread recipe ( which BTW looks amazing!)
second- while at a book store reading the back of a book (dont remember the title) of reviews it mentioned Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. A thought passed my mind, "who is this person?"
third- I was previewing shows on Sundance ( one of my favorite channels) and came across a show that takes people who eat really poorly and brings them to a farm to experience where their food comes from. This show was titled the River Cottage Treatment. So I set it to record.... and watched it Saturday.

I love this show. I love the concept. I love this man ( not Love Love, but just love his ideas, his philosophy, and his passion to bring the simple homesteading ideas back into the lives of people).
what a great idea. Let's bring urban dwelling people to the farm, in England, and help teach them a better understanding of where their food comes from.
Could you imagine a show like that here in America?
People today are SO removed from the origins of their food that our generation has no concept of "pure/real food". What its like to eat food that is grown in a garden, what it even looks like as it is grown, how to cook it, how an animal is slaughtered for consuming.... or even what "bits" you are eating. Not to mention, if it has a "shelf life"- there is something/ or things that is NOT FOOD giving it that longevity ( we all know a Twinkie has a shelf life of like 20 years and it is not a special flour that allows it to remain "fresh" that long).

I guess what I want for this week is to encourage you to look at your food, look at the ingredients.... look at how it is cooked? How does it make you feel? Is there a way to make it better for you and for your family?


  1. GREAT POST! I've been thinking a lot about this these days too. I don't think I get the Sundance Channel but maybe I can get the show another way...

  2. Hugh is my dream man - even my kids laugh that mummy would marry him if she wasn't married to Daddy - glad you got to find out about him - I can reccommend all his books - and all the TV shows! Have fun :D

  3. Your timing is pretty interesting. I saw a preview of a similar sounding show with Jamie Oliver as host on ABC last night. Hopefully it will take root!