Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a simple house

I have a friend who was wondering about a natural spray for the home to deodorize as well as have the house smelling nice.
always remember- simple ingredients. simple things.
make a simple house.

these are the two things that I use~( if opening the windows dont do the trick!)

a powder form ( for floors, for trash bins and even diaper pails)
* 2-3 cups baking soda
* 10-15 drops of a fresh smelling essential oil ( we use 10 drops lemon and 3-4 drops sage)
blend together. stir... let sit and oils to rest.... then stir again.

take this powder, dust on carpets or in bins/laundry basket. Let sit for a bit and if on carpet, vacuum. If in a bin just leave it be.

this same mixture can be made into little "disks" for diaper pails or laundry baskets by mixing in a bit of water- making a paste. then let sit in muffin pan or ice cube tray to dry. when it dries- just pop out and store in a dry place ( like a mason jar) until you want to use it. Drop into diaper bucket and leave be. dont worry about removing- because this can be washed with the diapers/laundry.... super simple!

a spray form ( for linens, curtains and even couches)
*2 cups distilled water ( tap or chlorinated water will kill the essential oil scent)
1/4 cup vodka (really, really cheap vodka- dont buy top shelf)
10-20 drops of essential oil ( what you want your home to smell like!) Mix vodka and oil first. Vodka is an emulsifier... then add water.
pour into spray bottle. ( this 2 cup amount will cost on average 70 cents, depending on what scent you use.)
this mixture will cloud and separate- so just shake well before each use.

it is that simple.


  1. I was just thinking about the baking soda thing for carpets today! Febreze was not working at all but I have a sneaking suspcion yours will definitely work. Thanks for helping me navigate this green world =)

  2. Tiff - could water from the dehumidifier be considered distilled or should I buy it from the grocery store? I love this idea and just bought some essential oil for the first time last week thinking of all the great things I could use it for. The main purpose is to make soap for Spencer's birthday party, but this spray sounds good too!