Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"I'm hot!"

I get the great joy of having lunch with O at school once a month. I love this time with him. He gets to share with his friends his mom, and I get to talk with him and his friends.... together.
I always leave these times with smiles- because they are just so special for me.

Being in first grade, and a boy, he is in the "kisses and hugs are gross" stage. But he also loves them. He loves to give kisses as well and snuggle the night away....
so, in respect if being in his environment and on his turf- I refrained from hugs, from kisses... but not from holding his hand. We walked in silence through the halls~just holding hands.
Just this simple gesture made this time with him worth it.
As we sat together- he looks at me and says " You want to kiss me dont you".
My reply "I always want to kiss you".
He smiles and says " okay, but only one because your kisses at school make me hot"
"Make you hot? what do you mean?"
"I dont know, you have hot kisses..."
and so I just gave him a kiss on the cheek, and he smiled.

I went straight home and shared with Bry about this comment and together we questioned what he meant. Bry just chalked it up that I was "One Hot Mama" (so funny! hahaha!) but it was a few hours later when I realized that he was getting embarrassed. You know that heat you feel when you get shy or embarrassed.
... either way " I am Hot!"
and even my kids know it!
yesterday was a day for the books.


  1. HAHAHA. That's a riot. I wasn't allowed to have ma come on campus and have lunch with me when I was in school. What the heck?

  2. How funny! But so nice that you get to have lunch with him each month...

  3. I love this! Kids come up with the silliest and sweetest things. I'm with Thomas, we never were allowed to have parents on campus (unless they were room mom or some other job they were suckered into). No fair.