Tuesday, February 16, 2010

on my mind....

  • pancakes.
National Pancake day is today and Fat Tuesday.... so we must eat pancakes. If you know me you know that pancakes are the food of all foods to me. If I were asked the question "If you were stuck on a island with a large box of one food. Just one food with nothing else.... and you had to live on that food for the rest of your life.... what would that be? Most people I know answer- Mac and cheese, or Bread or even chocolate. My answer..... pancakes! I just love pancakes.
this is my no fail recipe... Martha Strikes Again! and yes- I use butter!

  • project linus quilt 2.
this is what I have so far... and it has to be done by the end of this month....
I had better get my machine a sewing.
this is a girlie one- with cupcakes and pink (a color not seen in this house much!)

  • onions.
I read in my MaryJane's Farm Issue.... I did.... that if you cut the onion on both ends and place in an empty jar next to someone who is sick at night it will soak up the germs turning darker by morning.... allowing the person to get well quicker. Also have heard with an ear infection or stuffy ears you can slice an onion, set on your ear ( I guess wrap with a bandanna) it will absorb the infection and help in healing your earache.
With what is going around in this house, there will be a purchase of more onions this week.
  • gardening
with the sun out, and the temps warmer than usual... I need to get my booty outside and working on my soil. Its time to make some compost tea and get some fertile nutrients on my lilacs, my apples, cherries, and other fruits. The question is will I really do it?

okay- so as I look at my list 3 out of 4 are about food. hmmm..... do I always have food on my mind? I must.

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